YOur first Visit

Kids and Parents will be greeted by a VKC Teacher at the Welcome Wagon, located in our lobby.

The VKC teacher will  help and explain check-in procedures then lead your family down our kid zone hallway.

Have a child who won’t stay?

Feel free to slide on an observation pass and enjoy the class till your child feels comfortable.

Welcome wagon Chek-in

Each child's first check in will be done by a VKC Teacher. 

A simple process of name, age, birthdate and allergies will be logged into our computer. Once processed  2 stickers will be printed. 

Sticker 1: Childs Name Badge

This helps the teacher identify the child’s name, and designated number.

Sticker 2: Parent Tag

This tag will allow you to pick up your child after service once the numbers from your tag are matched to the number on your child(s). 


The Special NUMBER: this is for safety for you and your child(s). This allows our teachers to reconnect each child with their parent, this number is also useful if your child needs your assistance anytime during the service. The number will flash on the screen to let you know your child needs you. 

Crying or fussy baby?

We have an open nursery for any mother who wants to enjoy service, but their child doesn't.

Located in our Kid Zone hallway, we have a room set up with a live speaker, so you may enjoy listening to the service in the comfort of a toy stockpiled room.  (Includes a changing table and toddler snacks)